Ethical approach

Ethical code

ULTIMO believes that operational standards and the quality of services provided to all business partners as well as debtors is a key competitive advantage.

ULTIMO has a reputation as one of the most respected Polish debt purchasers and this is largely due to its proven compliant and ethical approach. The Company upholds the highest ethical standards in its approach to dealing with customers, and seeks to work with customers to achieve a fair outcome for all parties.


ULTIMO’s own Code of Ethics and Principles of Best Practice define a consistent approach across the business, and the Company uniquely offers a loyalty programme for customers and manages collections by customer rather than by account. This fair treatment of customers has played a crucial role in reducing the level of complaints received as a proportion of total accounts over time to market leading levels whilst allowing ULTIMO to acquire portfolios from almost all of Poland’s largest providers.


ULTIMO’s guiding principles are described in its Code of Ethics:

  • Observing laws and compliant approach - understood as knowledge and acting in accordance with the law and internal regulations of the ULTIMO Group;
  • Data security – ULTIMO ensures confidentiality of all commercial dealings with business partners as well as customer data. The Group guarantees that only authorized staff have access to specific data and the integrity of our data, i.e. that it reflects the actual state of affairs;
  • Respect for the opinions of others and the acceptance of those opinions – an attitude characterized by tolerance and understanding. We accept diversity and treat all of ULTIMO’s stakeholders equally.

These rules are applied in all areas of the Group’s activity. Each employee of the Group is obliged to know and respect the principles listed in the Code of Ethics and to apply them in the course of their daily duties.


Principles of Best Practice
Code of Ethics