Leading and most respected player in Poland

The Ultimo Group is among the leading debt purchase companies on the Polish non-performing loan market, specializing in acquisition of consumer debts. The company is focused on the banking and consumer finance sectors given they represent the vast majority of outstanding unsecured credit, but does have experience of acquiring from other sectors, in particular in telecoms. Ultimo also has established footholds in adjacent credit markets such as SME finance and secured household debt (mortgages).


The key companies of the Ultimo Group:


Ultimo S.A. (Ultimo Poland) is the parent company for Ultimo Group and the main operating entity. Its operations include leading the portfolio investment process, defining collection strategies for purchased debts and implementing servicing using both amicable and legal approaches.

Legal Office or Kancelaria Prawna, K.Buczek i Wspólnicy sp. k. is a limited partnership company. The company provides legal services exclusively for Ultimo as part of the collections process and whilst majority owned by Ultimo, its shareholders include two practicing lawyers, as required under Polish law.

TAKTO Finanse Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością is a special purpose vehicle involved in the Group’s lending business, offering safe, accessible loans, adjusted to the needs of private clients.